Help Line Information

As a reminder, the IT desk at Alpha Baking is staffed from 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday. For after hours support, there is a pager that is connected to our department extension number. To page us for emergency calls, remember dial x3299 if you have four digit dialing and 773-797-3299 if you do not. After hours, you will be prompted to dial the phone number you can be reached at for the after-hours pager.


If you experience a computer problem on an Alpha Baking Computer, follow these steps to have the problem rectified

Log-off and reboot your Computer or Winterm. 90% of computer problems are solved this way.

If the problem persists, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:000PM call the I.T. help desk at x3299 if you have four digit dialing. If not, dial 773-797-3299, and we will help you through the problem.  Non-critical issues, not requiring immediate attention can be emailed to

If the problem occurs after hours, determine if the problem is an emergency. For example, if work will not be done because of this problem, this is an emergency. If you can log onto another computer, or print to a different printer to finish the job, this is not an emergency. In a computer emergency, call the help desk, at x3299 or 773-797-3299 and select the after hours paging system. Make sure to leave a full area code, phone number and extension. You should receive a call within 15 minutes. If this is not the case, call again as something may have gone wrong with the transmission or phone number.

Non-emergency after hours problems should be emailed to and they will be looked at during regular business hours.

If you need new equipment or a new user added, please send the request to For a new user, please fill out a new hire login request form.

The following is a list of things not to do, as they may delay troubleshooting your emergency

Please do not have someone else call the help desk for you. There are often questions that will need to be asked of the person with the computer problem in order to determine the proper course of action.

Do not send an email for critical issues.  Emails are considered non-critical and are handled accordingly.

Page only with area code, phone number and extension. Do not page "911," leave out an area code or just an extension. Please don't assume that we will know who is paging if you leave just an extension. Make sure to get in the habit of always supplying the entire phone number.

In a computer emergency where you are unable to perform your job function because of a computer error, do not simply send an email. No matter what the time in this situation call the help desk at x3299 or 773-797-3299 and we will be more than happy to help you, this is our job.

If you are looking for computer help, do not dial extensions other than x3299. If you call a specific person, and they are out of the office this could severely delay solving your issue. The same applies to any IT employee's cell phone number you may have. All phone calls should be directed to the help desk 24x7. If someone else in the IT department needs to be contacted to resolve the problem, the person covering the pager will know how to contact them. We cannot guarantee any callback if a message is left on a cell phone. The IT pager was established specifically to provide after-hours coverage.


Extra Info

When you log onto your PC now, anywhere in the company (or through Citrix) you will have your own personal "Q:" drive. This is a hard drive that is actually located at Polk St. that we backup nightly. Therefore, if you are missing any files, or something gets accidentally deleted, we can restore it for you. It is important to note that NOTHING on your local PC is backed up besides data on the Q: drive and other mapped drives. When you are in Citrix, all Excel files, for example, are automatically stored on your Q: drive so they can be modified regardless of the the PC or Citrix server you log into.

Please call us at x3299 (773-797-3299) if you have any questions.