Alpha Baking Company, Inc. Acquires Two Bakeries

New Plants will Expand Variety and Capacity


Alpha Baking Co., Inc. (Alpha Baking) announced that it has bought two bakeries, one on the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois and another in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These purchases from ConAgra Foods increase Alpha Baking’s manufacturing facilities to six total across four states.


In addition to expanding current capacity, these acquisitions allow Alpha Baking to expand into sweet goods. “Alpha Baking has been producing high quality bread, buns, and rolls since 1979, and we will now utilize our experience and attention to customer service to operate in the sweet goods category. It is an exciting time for us,” said Lawrence Marcucci, president and CEO of Alpha Baking. Sweet goods product capabilities include muffins, petit fours, cupcakes, and pound cake, among other products.


Please contact your area’s representative to inquire about our new sweet good products!


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