At Alpha Baking Company, Inc. we are proud of our legacy of quality. We take great pride in using high quality ingredients, both old-world and cutting-edge baking methods, and rigorous standards to produce exceptional bread, buns, and rolls.



Alpha Baking's six production plants are regularly inspected by outside auditors. Inspections are conducted by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Silliker Labs, the Food and Drug Administration, and ASI Food Safety, among others.



Our products are formulated to be delicious, of course, but they are also specifically formulated to perform ideally according to their usage profile. For example, we specially formulate bread products that will be frozen. Thus, our frozen products are more than just "fresh bread in a box." We take into account thawed taste, moisture retention, and cell structure unique to frozen storage when formulating frozen products, and our breads, buns, and rolls are frozen shortly after emerging from our ovens to ensure a freshly baked taste.



Five of Alpha Baking’s production plants are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (Orthodox Union). This guarantees that we operate within the strict parameters set forth by Kosher guidelines.



All six of our production plants have a dedicated Quality Assurance team overseen by our Director of Food Safety. Among other measures, product is inspected at regular intervals during production runs to ensure that only product meeting our rigorous specifications leaves the facility.

We also employ a Safety Director, who works to continuously improve our processes and training in order to keep our employees and visitors as safe and healthy as possible.