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Alpha ProductsOur Mission

Our heartfelt mission at Alpha Baking Company is to provide all our customers, local and nationwide, with bakery products of the highest standards, leaving them 100 percent satisfied with our extraordinary service and quality products.

A Tradition of Quality

Alpha Baking has grown to become one of the largest specialty bakeries in the country, and its breads and buns have become synonymous with the Windy City and many other cities across America.

Over the years, Alpha Baking has continued to build our tradition of quality and innovation. Time-tested recipes and baking techniques have been adapted to an efficient, mass production environment. With two plants in Chicago, Illinois, and one in LaPorte, Indiana, Alpha Baking has grown to become one of the largest specialty bakeries in the country, and its breads and buns have become synonymous with the Windy City and many other cities across America.

Alpha Baking Company was formed in 1979 when it bought Mary Ann Baking Company in Chicago. Founded in 1935, Mary Ann was the originator of the Chicago-style poppy seed hot dog bun which Alpha continues to bake for not only the Chicago market, but also for those selling Chicago-style hot dogs across the United States. In 1981, Alpha purchased the S. Rosen's Baking Company, a Chicago staple of Jewish hearth rye breads and variety rolls since 1909. Through the years, Alpha has continued to grow through the acquisition of Kreamo Bakers in South Bend, Ind., Natural Oven's in Manitowoc, WI. and National Baking Company in Chicago. Alpha Baking Company currently sells its products under the S. Rosen's, Mary Ann, Kreamo, Golden Hearth, and Natural Ovens brand names.

Alpha Baking TruckWith more than 1,400 employees and over 300 delivery trucks, Alpha Baking Company distributes fresh bread in the upper Midwest and frozen bread across the rest of the country. Our products are sold in national restaurant chains, quick service restaurants, schools, institutions, major league sports franchises, warehouse club stores, national grocery chains, and independent grocery stores.

Alpha’s four bakeries and sixteen production lines serve the retail, foodservice, institutional, restaurant and frozen products markets. Products include rye, sourdough, Italian, French, pan and wide pan breads, Kaiser rolls, hot dog and hamburger buns, French rolls, baguettes, bagels, and organic and frozen par-baked bread products. Alpha is certified kosher at all of its plants and is certified organic in Manitowoc and one of its two Chicago plants. The company is inspected by the American Institute of Baking (AIB), Silliker Labs, the FDA and the ASI.

For decades, food industry leaders have called on Alpha Baking Company to solve complex and unique baking projects. Using the special skills and knowledge of our production specialists, we have crafted solutions for them. Our modern, high-production facility has linked old world knowledge and baking experience with today’s technology. Sixteen separate production lines efficiently produce a wide variety of high-quality baking goods for distribution all over the country. Our Midwestern location means we can provide you the products you need, no matter where you are!

If you have a special need, we can bring you a level of experience, responsiveness, and technical expertise that is unmatched in the baking industry, one that foodservice operators have depended upon since 1935. We can help you customize your foodservice operation with our extensive par-baked and frozen programs. Waste can be eliminated and shortages reduced with the added convenience of one-site “bake to order” flexibility. We quickly freeze these products to lock in freshness, quality, and taste. You complete the process, baking what you need, when you need it, with perfect results every time. Contact us today to make your own tradition of quality!

From the traditional French and Kaiser rolls to onion, rye and cinnamon raisin, Alpha Baking has all the varieties you need to make your operation a complete success.

Discover the secrets that Chicago restaurants have known since 1935 – the hearth baking process from Alpha Baking. Now, foodservice operators throughout the country can get that “fresh daily” taste, quality and consistency through our frozen and par-baked bakery programs.

A bakery in Chicago, Alpha Baking Company’s awards include Top Sysco Supplier, Top Burger King Supplier, Kroger Bakeries Supplier of the Year and Sosland Publication’s Baker of the Year in 2004.

A Tradition of Giving

At Alpha Baking Company, Inc., our mission has always been to provide customers with bakery products of the highest standards and consistently deliver extraordinary service. And while making the best bakery products imaginable takes place in our four plants, we feel that extraordinary service must extend into our communities as well. This is why Alpha Baking Company, Inc. has a long history of donating time, product, and money to local charities.

Perhaps our most visible donation was the promotion Alpha Baking Company, Inc. ran for its S. Rosen's brand's 100 year anniversary in June of 2009. During one week in June, each fresh S. Rosen's hot dog bun sold generated a ten cent donation to five food banks serving Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. This highly successful promotion resulted in a lump sum donation of over $120,000 to help feed the Midwest's hungry.

In addition to monetary donations, Alpha Baking Company, Inc. donates bread product to the Greater Chicago Food Depository multiple times per week, resulting in thousands of pounds of bread donations per year. Product and time donations have also been made to events supporting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, the Make-A-Wish foundation, the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, and dozens of community organizations annually.

We believe that extraordinary service means more than consistent dedication to each and every one of our customers. That's why Alpha Baking Company, Inc. is proud of our history and future support of local charitable organizations.


Senior Management

Michael L. Marcucci, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Co-founded Alpha Baking Company in 1979
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in Economics in 1971
Served an internship as a staff assistant on the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, Washington, D.C. in 1970
Served on the Board of Directors of the American Baker’s Association from 1989-1997
Served as Chairman of the American Baker’s Association from 1995-1996
Served on the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Baking from 1989 -1998

Lawrence L. Marcucci, President
Co-founded Alpha Baking Company in 1979
Graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign in 1976
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Graduate of the American Institute of Baking in 1980
Chairman of the American Society of Baking in 2001
Serves on the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Baking.

Mark R. Marcucci, Vice President of Sales
A graduate of Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management, Mark joined Alpha Baking in 1981. He manages the fresh baked sales efforts and route distribution on the food service side for Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and central Indiana, and has direct contact with all key fresh food service chain accounts.

Gary D. Narcisi, Group Vice President, Frozen Foodservice & Retail Divisions
Graduate of Eastern Illinois University, 1983 and joined Alpha Baking in 1989.  Currently oversees the frozen foodservice, retail divisions and corporate marketing.

Paul T. Spencer – Vice President of National Accounts
National Accounts Sales Professional, Paul Spencer has sales and commodities experience in bread, meat, cheese, viscous, desserts and beverage categories. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas.

Tim J. Gill, Vice President Frozen Foodservice
Tim started as a direct route sales driver in 1985. He became a supervisor in 1988 and was transferred to National Frozen Sales as regional sales manager in 1991.

Robert G. Cruice, Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Joined Alpha Baking Company in 1979.
Graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in 1981 with a degree in Accounting, received his CPA designation that same year.
He is the Treasurer of the Bakers Club of Chicago and serves as a Trustee to both single and multi employer Pension and Health Benefits Plans.

David Granger, Senior Vice President of Operations
Joined Alpha in 1991. Oversees engineering in all three plants.

Steven A. Rosen, Vice President & General Manager
Graduate of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa 1974 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He is responsible for the Polk Street facility.

Robert J. McGuire, Vice President Logistics
Earned Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Elmhurst College in 1987 and Obtained M.B.A. from Lewis University, Romeoville Illinois in 1991
Served on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Transportation Association from 1989 – 1995.
Served on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Labor Relations Association from 1993 – 1996.
Current Chairman of the American Bakers Association Fleet and Distribution Managers Committee.

Marc J. Zawicki, Chief Financial Officer
He oversees the accounting functions along with financial/sales analysis for Alpha. 
He is a CPA and earned his accounting degree and a MBA in Finance from DePaul University in Chicago.

Todd Thornberg, Vice President, Manufacturing
Todd oversees manufacturing at all 4 of our production plants.
Todd joined the company in 1981, working his way from pan stacker to Production Manager, and then from Plant Manager to his current position.

Joe Nemethy, Vice President Retail Sales & Operations
Graduate of University of Illinois, Champaign – Urbana 1984 joined Alpha Baking in 1994.

William Houston, Director of Information Technology
William Houston graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a double major in Information Systems and Operations Management. He has been with the company since 2005. William is currently the Director of Information Technology for Alpha Baking Co., Inc.